• #art is not in quarantine

Art is not in quarantine!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

In these times of isolation and uncertainty we need to set our eyes on who we are, on our identity as mankind, on what makes us special, on what drives us forward.

It seems as if time has stopped, all of world’s beauty locked outside of our homes and we, powerless spectators, wait for the clock of normality to start ticking again.

It feels as if our lives are trapped in a vacuum, we force ourselves to keep us busy, trying out new recipes, working out, watching the newest shows or acquiring new knowledge on the internet.

We are locked.

Except we are not.

Humanity’s beauty is inside our houses, it’s in us, it’s each and everyone of us. It is not the astounding architecture and mesmerizing frescos locked outside our doors.

It is us.

So let us get it out, let us express it, let the fountains of our ideas, creativity and passion flow without limit. Let us flood the isolation with our beauty.

This virus may have stopped our walks, but it can’t stop our creativity.

So, let’s not just wait this time to be over, let us make this quarantine something memorable!

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